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Biomedics 55 Contact Lenses

Save money on Biomedics 55 from Ocular Sciences 

Get Biomedics 55 lenses shipped straight to your home!  Biomedics 55 contact lenses, from Ocular Sciences Contact Lenses are a 1-2 week disposable contact lens made of polymacon with a water content of 55%. 1-2 Week Disposable Contact Lens are an ideal choice for the first time contact lens wearer. They are designed for optimum comfort and ease of use. They are worn and then discarded, guaranteeing you clean contact lenses every day. Biomedics 55 contacts make it unlikely that you will suffer eye irritation from dirty contacts or from preservatives in contact lens solution. Biomedics 55 (UltraFlex 55) Contacts come with a light blue tint to assist you in finding your lenses in the solution.  Ocular Sciences has a long history of providing quality lenses that deliverer a top wearing experience.


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  • Manufacturer: Ocular Sciences
  • Type: 1-2 Week Disposable